Gregory 'The Gangster' Gould



Gregory 'Gangster' Gould out on the pier at Santa Barabara!!!


'The Gangster' and 'Baby Girl' hitting focus mitts with Fast Eddie overlooking.

At the 2006 York Sports Night during a demonstration.


1988 State Champions at Omaha, Nebraska

106 Greg Gould-York

119 Fernando Rodriguez-Laster
125 Ivan Robinson-Phila. 132 Levander Johnson-AtlCity
139 John Jones- AtlCity 147 Tom Alexander-Pitts.
156 Shawn Carlisle-Phila. 165 Mike Taylor-Pitts.
178 Ed Mack-Phila. 201 Greg Linver-Pitts.

Shv James Moody-Phila.

'The Gangster' trained his son pictured above to many titles.